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Are you shipping back just your copier – or are the business records you copied, scanned or faxed going along for the ride? Sixty percent of business owners don’t know copiers have a hard drive that stores images according to a 2008 study. 

The fact is hard drives in copiers pose the same security risks as a computer’s hard drive.   Most digital copiers manufactured since 2002 contain a hard drive which stores an image of each document copied, scanned, faxed or emailed via the copier. As CBS News reported, this is a serious threat to; customer records, financial information, and employee records – all of which are required to be kept confidential.

After you wipe a copier hard drive, the firmware needs to be installed to have the copier function again.  Many companies think they can just erase the hard drive like they do with their computers and find out the hard way when they are charged the full residual value of the copier when then copier is returned at the end of the lease term.

Copier Logistics Specialists offers a “hard drive wipe and drive formatting” service for copier hard drives prior to the unit being delivered to its designated return location. Upon completion of the data wipe a Data Wipe Certification is emailed to you for your records. This dual risk protection guarantees your business records are not going for a free ride and that you will not be receiving a surprise bill for the residual value of your copier because the copier no longer operates.


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