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How to avoid copier damage claims?
Transportation Industry figures indicate that up to 50 percent of all shipments are not properly packaged. Be worry free. Our professional drivers are experienced in the safe shipping and handling of off-lease copiers. All copiers are shipped in air ride trucks equipped with lift gates, cell phones and GPS. Our drivers blanket-wrap each copier and accessory and then secure it for safe transport by strapping it to an E-trac system.

How to avoid unnecessary delays and extra charges?
Verify the copier serial number on the copier being returned matches the return authorization paperwork provided by the lessor.

How to avoid additional copier lease payments?
Read the return authorization that you receive from your lessor carefully. In most circumstances lessors give either three or four weeks from when they issue the return authorization until the copier is due back at the designated copier return center. The copier is reported "returned" to the lessor when it arrives at the return facility, not when it is picked up. Copier Logistics Specialists ships copiers nationwide with weekly returns to all copier return centers.

How long does it take to return my copier?
Copier shipments can range from two days to ten days on average depending on the distance and scheduling of the copier return facility.

How do I protect my data stored on the copier hard drive?
Most digital copiers manufactured since 2002 contain a hard drive which stores an image of each document copied, scanned, faxed or emailed via the copier. Copier Logistics Specialists maintains an extensive database of every copier manufactured to determine if a specific copier model will need firmware reinstalled once the Hard Drive has been erased. Copier Logistics Specialists offers two solutions depending on your specific needs; either a Hard Drive Wipe or a Hard Drive Wipe with Firmware Reloaded. Both solutions guarantee that your data has been securely erased from your copier’s hard drive and you are in compliance.


Ship copier quote: Please email your end of lease return instructions to:
or fax it to: 866-674-7200 – for exact quotes within 15 Minutes